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VIRGINIA, USA - S&M Brands, Inc., one of Virginia’s largest privately held growers, manufacturers and distributors of premium quality tobacco products, announced today that it has received Substantial Equivalent orders from the FDA on its newly redesigned Riverside® Cigarette brand. A significant factor in this announcement is that S&M Brands, Inc. is one of the few companies, behind Lorillard, Inc. that has navigated the Tobacco Control Act to obtain approval to market a new cigarette tobacco product, and the first to obtain approval to market a full line of king and 100s in regular and menthol.

On the Company’s receipt of Substantial Equivelance orders from the FDA, Steven Bailey, President, stated, “We are treating this as a milestone in the industry, for our company and the industry as a whole. Introducing a new tobacco product under FDA regulation is an arduous, technical and scientific process that takes substantial time and resources. We felt, however, that improving our Riverside® product was paramount for our adult customers, so our excellent in-house team, together with our outside consultants, worked tirelessly with the FDA to navigate the Substantial Equivalence process. We believe this achievement demonstrates that our company is staffed up for regulatory compliance to be around for our distributor and retail partners and customers for the long haul.”

About S&M Brands, Inc. S&M Brands, Inc. is run by the Bailey family which has been in the tobacco business for five generations. S&M Brands, Inc. offers a full line of tobacco products. The company markets Bailey’s®, Tahoe® and Riverside® Cigarettes, roll your own tobacco and pipe tobacco; filtered cigars under the LEX12® brand; and premium traditional cigars under the Cornelius and Anthony™ & brand.