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Our Story

S&M Brands is one of the great American success stories. There's only one country on earth where a family can set out to create a superior product, introduce it to a market dominated by big corporations, and make good on a generations-old dream. The entire process "from seed to cigarette" is proudly made in the U.S.A.


It all began in the 1860's when the Bailey family gained its reputation of growing some of the finest tobacco on the Bailey family farm, a reputation that still holds true today.

This family operation is one of the largest in Virginia, growing sought-after tobacco that is shipped around the world.

What was planted and took root over 125 years ago in the rich Virginia soil has cultivated masters of growing fine tobacco and led to S&M Brands premium tobacco products today.


S&M Brands, Inc. is built on our commitment to quality, value and service to our distributor and retail partners, and consumers. We take pride in delivering a great smoking experience that begins with five generations of tobacco industry knowledge and continues through innovative products that drive the future of the industry.

Key factors that set S&M Brands apart from many other leading tobacco brands and manufacturers are our customer service and dedication to producing premium products, popularly priced, that retailers and wholesalers trust.


You deserve to taste true tobacco flavor. What we call, “fresh from the farm, seed to cigarette, authentic tobacco flavor.”

We take pride in delivering a great smoking experience, S&M Brands offers a vertically integrated and complete line of products from cigarettes, pipe tobacco, and little cigars for the enjoyment of today’s adult smoking generation.


We are a company of integrity, seeking mutually productive and profitable relationships by fostering cooperative team-oriented behavior.

We consider all of our valued partners as our family. Relationships in our family (owners, employees, suppliers, customers, and consumers) are built on mutual trust, respect and open, honest communications.

Our people are our most important asset. We will create a safe, productive and rewarding work environment for all employees. Personal commitment and accountability are expected. Initiative and excellence will be rewarded.

We operate within the spirit and the letter of the law and our own policies. We have a passion for doing the right thing in all that we do.

- Our mission is to be the best family-owned tobacco company in America.